Plastic products

Apex PlasTech is a leading manufacturer of plastic products. Since established, we are serving plastic industry by providing quality goods, in a variety of materials including engineering plastics.

Plastic injection and blow molding

Our products can be categorized into 3 main groups.


  • Industrial packaging

    Apex PlasTech specializes in the production of rigid plastic packaging products in the form of round pails ranging from 0.5L to 20L. Besides, we are currently the largest producer of cartridges for silicone sealants in South Asia.

    Capacities are being added to the production of these industrial packaging every year.

  • Food packaging (Thin wall packaging)

    Food packaging is another important segment in Apex PlasTech. We supply closures and preforms to key players in beverage industry and noodle cups to one of the top producers of noodle in Thailand.

Toys and household products

Toys have been traditionally regarded as the starting point of Apex PlasTech. We are still maintaining full assembly lines for toys assembly to meet our customers’ demand.

Electrical parts

Apex PlasTech has been an OEM producer for one of the leading Japanese brand of electrical products for many years.